Curious Dolls

A collection of individual and unique hand stitched art dolls.

Mourning Dolls

The aim of the work below was to explore the themes of absence and loss through the memories of childhood. Mourning Dolls and Mourning Vessels are tangible metaphorical forms that I created to communicate the often complex emotions associated with loss. They were created as part of my Masters Degree and academically underpinned in my research using psychoanalytical frameworks and material culture theory.

Mourning Vessels

Personal Effects

Collections of objects, lost and found, gathered and curated. I bring together things that relate to the everyday. Some have personal meaning, others contain a narrative relating to previous life. Boxes protect, keeping our possessions hidden and secure. Our belongings are part of who we are, how we make sense of the world. Wax preserves and encapsulates, trapping memories with ghost like stillness. It is strong, yet fragile, and like memories can change and fade. I have always kept my treasures in boxes, even as a child I would keep collections of found objects, from old photos to pretty stones. Personal Effects is a mixed media body of work I created for my Degree that explores themes of memory and identity. By recreating everyday objects I aimed to remove them from their original state into the realm of memory. Memories are only a representation of what was. They are ephemeral, fugitive and imperfect.

Other works

A small collection of two and three dimensional mixed media work.

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